The 17th Annual Sample Sale – Saturday May 28

Over the last 20 years, our flagship line of made-to-order modern furniture has expanded considerably, but the mission has never changed. Designed in house, built locally, handled with care and destined to be a piece that will live with you for a very long time – these are ideas that feature sustainability and responsibility at their core, not decoration. 

Only through November 9, get 20% off our full collection of Stylegarage Originals – each piece hand-made in Canada just for you, supporting craftspeople in our community and featuring locally-sourced materials. 

Bear in mind, choosing and designing one of our made-to-order Stylegarage Originals can take a bit of planning. From the initial sketch to our final warehouse inspection, everything is done exactly to your specifications. Finish options, dimensions, upholstery choices, cushion density – each little detail is another way to make it yours

To help you make the most of the sale, we're offering free consultations with our design team, available immediately. These are available in whatever form you find comfortable – you can schedule a safe, distanced and masked meeting in our showroom, a phone consultation, or a video call. Bring your ideas, your napkin sketches, your dreams – we'll help you choose finishes, finalize dimensions and develop a rough drawing so that your order will be ready to go before the sale ends.

Schedule your appointment below and make sure you're able to take advantage of this special promotion to the fullest before the sale ends this Monday.